March Meal Planning for the OAMC

Today is my planning day for my Once a Month Cooking for March. So I thought I would write it all down, not only for me, but for those who might be curious on how my meals are going these days.

So last month I had the following meals on my frig:

Some of these were freezer meals and some weren't. But it was a good month to mix it up.

But I know March will lend itself to crazy, since I have a book to finish (writing). So I'm going to plan accordingly. This month the meals that are possible are:

  1. Corned beef and cabbage (MUST HAVE its Irish! Right??)
  2. Cilantro Lime Chicken
  3. Paprika Chicken
  4. Pork Chops
  5. Ribs
  6. Taco Bake
  7. Biscuits and Gravy with eggs
  8. Chicken, Green Chile, and Potato Chowder
  9. Pad Thai, yes again they loved it!
  10. Sesame Chicken
  11. No Fuss Chicken Cordon Bleu
  12. Meatloaf
  13. Hamburgers
  14. Chicken Packets
  15. Shepherds Pie
Now, since I'm doing this early, I did one better and already posted the recipes I will use before I've used them all. That means, while some are tried and true (have personal comments before the recipe) the others are not and could turn out horrible. But, I'm banking that most of these are going to be good.  The only one I'm semi-worried about is the Sesame Chicken. Never made anything like that one before. Most of the others I've made things similar.

So, now that I have this plan for my month, I feel I need to tell you that this is for a FULL month of meals. I know there are more then 15 days in a month but we nearly always have left overs and there are some days that we are out on purpose at an acceptable choice (allergy free) or at a friends house. BUT for the most part, most of these meals and recipes (save the Shepherds Pie, that will need some adjusting for our big family) will feed this family of 5 for at least two meals and sometimes three. And we always have lunch left overs too.  

And for lunches I usually make sure I have bread (both GF and reg), lunch meats, cheese, tortillas (corn and flour), soup, granola, fruit, chips (sometimes when my budget allows it), corn dogs (homemade), mac-n-cheese (both gf and reg), and string cheese. I also always have ramen, because I have a kid who seems to think it's God's gift to him. So since I love him, I buy it. Ugh. Maybe I should rephrase to, if I loved him more, I would not buy it? I dunno.

For breakfasts, I keep waffles and pancakes in the freezer along with frozen fruit, yogurt, GF cereals, and we eat lots of eggs and bacon. We love bacon.

So, tomorrow, I will edit this post  and add my grocery list for the above meals and month of groceries. And I might even post my receipt when I'm done shopping next week. To prove I really do this for under $300-400 every month. Yes. Family of 5. $400. You can do it too! You just have to stick to the plan and cook ahead.

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