Freezer Meals from the Stork

Have you ever wondered what to get a new mom who has everything?


There are plenty of "Make and Take" meal preparation companies around the country and if you have the money, you should totally try one out. Basically its Once a Month Cooking for beginners. It's a fabulous way to get your mind wrapped around how this all should work. A few places to check in your area are:
When you go to one of these facilities, they will have all the ingredients and tools ready for you to create meals in full or half sized portions, which is really amazing. It's definitely worth your money and the food is top notch!

However, after doing these food prep things, you come to realize everything they do, you can do. Yes, it's worth it's weight in gold to have someone else do the prepping and clean up, but when you have extra time to do it yourself, you really should!

If you are new to the Once a Month Cooking idea, be sure to read my post here - Once a Month Cooking: How do I Start? However if you are a veteran to this whole cooking in bulk thing, read on.

Parents, I'm sure you will be the first to chime in and agree with me that after having your first, second, or even third babies, sometimes meals are thrown to the take-out man (unless your church/family provides them hot for you right to your door). Today's idea stems from this very idea. Most new moms are tired after a long day and figuring out the baby's needs. Never mind the mamma's needs, it's all about baby. I remember forgetting to even EAT after I had my first child because I was just happy to sleep when the child slept. My husband would come home wondering what was for dinner and unfortunately some freezer tray processed food ended up winning almost every time in the first two months.

This is a travesty! New moms should NOT be eating that garbage and you can help!

My sister is having her first baby on November 11th (or thereabouts) and the best thing I can do for her is stock her freezer. So in the next two weeks, I will be trying and posting recipes that I am preparing for her freezer. Recipes that only require defrosting in the frig the night before and then into the crockpot or oven with no additional prep (a few might require minute rice prep or steam veggie prep, but this can be done in microwave). This will revolutionize her meal time (and probably spoil her rotten) post baby and provide her and the baby with the protein they need to stay healthy!

Do you know a pregnant mom who could benefit from a few meals prepped and ready to go in her freezer? I bet you do. You should bless her by stocking her freezer! I hope you'll try these recipes out with us!

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