Paleo time!

Because of some health issues of my own and my son's, we went Paleo. Well, technically only the kid and I have jumped on the Complete Paleo bandwagon, but the rest of the family will continue their unhealthy ways and just be forced to paleo meals for dinner. Which they aren't sad about and quite frankly, I don't think they are going to miss their grains/dairy at dinner anyway.

So, on this new paleo road, I realized I was going to need to completely adjust my freezer meal brain. Not only would I have to be tomato free (because of an allergy) but now I had to cut out a whole slew of things I relied on in my freezer meals.

I spent hours on the internet, gathering recipes and searching for things I believed would taste good and have my picky eaters asking me for more. I was certain those recipes existed, I just needed to find them.

And I did!

Oh yah, I found paleo meals that I could adjust to the freezer. And I'm happy to report, my freezer is full and happy and waiting for the results.

The recipes I found that suited my needs were:
(Anything linked below will have the recipe and my notes behind them, all will eventually be linked as they come from the freezer!)

Notice I stuck to two different meats (just beef and chicken) and repeated ingredients. This saves on time and cost. All of the meat and ingredients for these meals (some of them making two meals not one) cost under $250 and will feed this family of five for well over a month.

Some of these recipes include the veggie with them, some didn't. So I did buy extra broccoli and other paleo friendly veggies that would keep in the freezer until I'm ready. All included in that price. However most of my spices were already in my cupboard. I had to buy fish sauce and coconut aminos, which aren't cheap, but definitely worth the price. I get mine on Amazon.

So as the meals come out of the freezer, I will update this page and link up the recipes. I have tried two, so I will put them up shortly.

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