Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte .Copy Cat

On days like this (too much to do and not enough time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee) I end up in the Bucks-taker drive-thru ordering my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce (with only 3 pumps not 5) and wishing it didn't have the chemicals in it (Splenda). But, I make the sacrifice because I'm out of the house and I NEED a coffee. Yes NEED.

Now, this recipe doesn't replace the NEED for a quick drive-thru trip, but maybe if I can make it at home and have it taste JUST as good and if not BETTER, maybe I will get up five minutes earlier and bring it along. That is the theory anyway. And while this doesn't exactly taste like a cinnamon dolce from the green logo super-chain caffeine store, i believe with a little tweaking of your own, it will be close enough that you can really enjoy it! 

And because you make it at home, you control what you put in your body! This is a win/win!


6oz of strong brewed coffee, or two shots of espresso
2-4 packages of your favorite sugar (Stevia, Monk Fruit, Sugar, etc)
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
½-3/4 cup milk or your choice. Coconut, Almond, Cow, Rice, half and half, whatever.

1. Brew coffee extra strong. Make sure you have about 6oz. Any more and you'll need some more milk. Any less and you'll have a steamer instead of a latte

2. Put milk in microwavable container and warm until steaming. Alternately, if you wish to skip microwaving you can heat in smallest pan you have. But I found the microwave worked fine.

3.  Once steaming add the sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Whisk that the best you can.  If using the stove, add ingredients and whisk together. Remove from heat. 

4. Now here is a step you can either skip or embrace. Pour the milk mixture in a small glass jar and put your blender bottom on the top! Genius! Put it in the blender and give it a whir for 20-30 seconds (because your jar is probably lighter then the blender jar, be sure to hold your hand OVER the bottom of the jar when you turn it on or your jar MAY go flying if it doesn't lock into place). If your blender bottom doesn't match your jar, you can skip this step (or just put it into the blender itself and transfer back). Whir until frothy. 

5. Add the milk into the coffee and enjoy!

**Updated, when I originally posted this recipe yesterday I had tried it once and loved it. But this morning I tweaked the recipe a little and found I loved it even more! So above is the updated version.

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