It's not you, it's the kitchen!

Often I think about this blog and feel like it needs my time, but then I find myself in the kitchen, binders full of recipes, testing out the latest and greatest paleo or gluten free dish. These of course require much pomp and circumstance. So much so that I barely have time to think about anything else but cooking and sleeping. So the blog and recipes are neglected. BUT I'm vowing to change that. So, it starts tonight. Whatever we are having for dinner will make it on this blog.

And I vow to go through the old posts and make sure I still agree with all my statements and grammar.


Because, I need a place to keep all these recipes because I'm so tired of not having one at the tips of my fingers when I am out and about. I find myself saying, "oh I have a great recipe for that... let me just find it..." and then someone finds one of their own and forgets I even mentioned it.

DRAT! So I vow to change this. And the name of this. So, stay tuned. Turkey Meatballs are happening to tonight. And the 12yo is making them.

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